Big Finish Resurrects Tom Baker Era Doctor Who Villain in Eldrad Must Die!

Eldrad Must Live? Eldrad DOES Live!

Hard times and bad people are coming the Fifth Doctor’s way this year as his latest trilogy of tales is revealed by Big Finish and we find out what the cricket loving incarnation of our favourite Time Lord can expect in his travels for 2013.

Big Finish Resurrects Tom Baker Era Doctor Who Villain in Eldrad Must Die!

Following on from the return of popular villains in his previous adventures, such as the Mara or Magnus Greel, Big Finish Productions have decided to test the Fifth Doctor, Turlough, Tegan and Nyssa against another long dead enemy…

Starting in April 2013 with the wonderfully titled Eldrad Must Die! (the exclamation mark is part of the title and not an embellishment by us!) by Marc Platt, the TARDIS crew must face off against the Fourth Doctor’s silicone enemy who nearly blew up a nuclear power station while possessing poor Sarah Jane Smith. But whilst this is clearly a sequel to 1976’s The Hand of Fear, it’s not necessarily a revenge story as audio script editor Alan Barnes explained:

[Eldrad Must Die!] Has the tyrant king of Kastria crawling out of the abyss he fell into at the end of The Hand of Fear…but, because it’s written by the brilliant Marc Platt, you can rest assured this is far more than just a ‘return/revenge of…’ sort of deal. [It begins] with the TARDIS travellers investigating strange crystals strangling sealife in the fishing town of Ambermouth…

Following on in May 2013, we’re offered The Lady of Mercia by the wonderful Paul Magrs and it’s the first purely historical Big finish story since 2009! Alan Barnes teased part of the story out for everyone to start getting excited about:

We’re going back to the Dark Ages in search of the forgotten warrior queen Æthelfrid, daughter of Alfred the Great… and her connection to a certain ‘Dr Tegan Jovanka’!

Finally, to end the trilogy, we have the June 2013 release Prisoners of Fate by Jonathan Morris which addresses some storylines that have been running since Cobwebs. Alan Barnes suggested that some emotional moments are packed into this story:

The Nyssa[that is] currently travelling with the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough is 50 years older than when she first left the TARDIS in Terminus. Here, her past catches up with her on a prison planet, with heartbreaking consequences.

You can find out more about the individual releases as well as how to pre order them by visiting .


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