Eoin Colfer has written the first Doctor Who eShort, "A Big Hand For The Doctor"

Eoin Colfer Talks Doctor Who

Hot on the heels of Monday’s announcement that Artemis Fowl creator Eoin Colfer will be one of eleven well-known children’s authors to write a series of short stories featuring the Doctor; the author has sat down with The Guardian for a light, far-reaching Quickfire Interview.

Eoin Colfer has written the first Doctor Who eShort, "A Big Hand For The Doctor"

The novel, A Big Hand for the Doctor, featuring the First Doctor, as played by William Hartnell, is set in 20th century London and sees the Doctor both lose his companion and his hand as he comes face to face with a  “a strange beam of soporific light, and a host of marauding Soul Pirates”.

So what affinity did Colfer feel for the often cantankerous, original incarnation?

I like the first Doctor because he is a bit of a grump. Subsequent Doctors became more chipper and almost childlike and I found the first Doctor interesting because he was not so developed and I could have a little leeway with the character.

Of course, no Doctor is complete without a companion so, if, in an alternate universe he found himself not the creator of a series of successful children’s novels but a 900 odd year-old time traveller, who would he drag along with him?

I would like to take Gene Hunt from Life on Mars because he would take no cheek from no one and could protect me while I ponder quantum puzzles. I would enjoy listening to him shout: “Shut it, you tart” a dozen times a day.

And finally, what if anything, would he use a sonic screwdriver for if such a device existed and wasn’t just used to change channels:

I believe sonic is the best way to clean your teeth so I would whiten my molars until the glare would blind an owl.

A Big Hand for the Doctor will be released as an eBook on 23rd January – with each subsequent novel appearing on the 23rd of every month until the anniversary date itself in November – for £1.99.

For a sample of the start of the novel head over to The Guardian now.

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