Karen Gillan: we love her.

Karen Gillan Flogs Slimming Pills

We all know that times are tough. Those that rule tell us that “we’re all in it together” and whether this is true or not, many a man and woman who have fallen on hard times have had to put their dignity aside for a moment in order to make ends meet.


Fortunately, this isn’t what happened to Karen Gillan. Rather than deciding that acting wasn’t for her and opting to sell slimming pills (and no doubt viagra, mature women and asking to deposit $27 million in your bank account for a few days), the former Doctor Who actress has had her account hacked by scammers.

This sort of thing absolutely infuriates me, both as a Doctor Who fan and as a technology journalist. In fact, I seem to spend the best part of my life telling people not to install dodgy apps on their phones and to keep secure passwords.

Oh well.

It was yesterday when Karen’s account, @KarenGillan2, was spotted (by one of her predecessors…) as being “not quite right”:

Following this, various technology blogs picked up on the hack, and eventually through a deluge of Tweets from her loyal followers, the actress told the world:

So, all’s well that ends well.

Except, of course, this isn’t the first time that an association with Doctor Who has been used by the sleazy underbelly of the Internet to make money.

We’ve already seen the ridiculous behaviour of Rogue Cyberman and the notorious (and fake) Jenna-Louise Coleman sex-tape scam (no nudes, no truth). The fact is, you cannot be too careful with mobile devices, apps and games. Passwords can be hacked or farmed by morally bankrupt app developers. Embarrassingly I’ve had my own Skype account hijacked recently – it can happen to anyone.

So, let’s admire Karen for dealing with the issue to promptly, while we all go and change our passwords and uninstall those dodgy apps.


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