Neil Gaiman slated for second Doctor Who episode!

Neil Gaiman Threatened by Moffat’s Ninja Assassins

Doctor Who is a very well-guarded show that the BBC and certainly Steven Moffat keep well under wraps from fans and reporters.

Neil Gaiman slated for second Doctor Who episode!

During 2013, Doctor Who’s fiftieth anniversary year, many are flocking to the internet in a bid to find out about the Doctor Who production team’s plans for the Eleventh Doctor and if we will see any of the older Doctors returning for the November 23rd special.

But as you may have noticed, the secrets are being well kept. And that’s a good thing; it keeps everyone speculating, keeps the press engaged and saves all of the birthday surprises until the actual day, which is how a birthday should be.

But how exactly does Moffat keep these secrets so well guarded? How does he stop vital information from being leaked out to the public? During a talk at the Sydney Writer’s Festival recently, Neil Gaiman, writer of the upcoming Cyberman episode in the 2013 series and also writer of 2011’s The Doctor’s Wife, spoke out about how exactly Moffat keeps his cards so close to his chest:

Steven Moffat…the showrunner, the impressario [sic], the God…has trained squads of Ninja Assassins. Probably there are a couple of people in this audience tonight who are plants. If I actually got to the point of saying ‘OK, I will tell you what you want to know’…something would happen. And then I would crumble. Smoking gently, probably. A mysterious black figure would exit and next be seen in Cardiff, saying ‘Mission accomplished’. Steven Moffat would go ‘Good. And he didn’t say anything?’ And the figure would say ‘No’. I tell you NOTHING.

So there you are, heavy threats and mysterious cloaked figures, probably without heads, guard the Doctor’s secrets wisely. It’s no wonder we don’t even know his name. Gaiman did manage to get one vitally important bit of information out to the public however; his new episode for this year will contain porridge.

If that’s a throwaway line to put us off the scent or an important plot device will be revealed in a few months’ time!



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