The 50th Anniversary Non-Surprise! [UPDATED]

Saturday evening’s The Jonathan Ross Show on ITV1 featured David Tennant as a guest, and naturally the actor was asked about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary.

Like a good Doctor Who fan-turned-star-of-the-show David wasn’t giving anything away (other than a sinister BBC woman who turned up at the studios to tell him not to say anything about it), even when Ross wished the actor a great year and best wishes for his upcoming shows Broadchurch and Spies of Warsaw as well as the Doctor Who special!

Update: Transcription!

Here’s a transcription of the conversation (via Bleeding Cool):

Jonathan: This year is the Fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who

David: Is it? I hadn’t noticed

Jonathan: I believe they’re planning something special

David: I believe, I don’t know

Jonathan: I know you’re an honest man, so if I ask you directly, so no one has spoken to you about…

David: No one has spoken… I know nothing.

Jonathan: No one has spoken to you?

David: I know nothing.

Jonathan: No one has spoken to you, saying its the fiftieth anniversary”

David: In make up tonight this lovely lady came in, who I’d never met before and aid “hello I’m from the BBC” I went “oh hello, nice to meet you.” “I’ve been sent to say that anything that the Doctor Who 50th anniversary must not be mentioned on television.” That’s how scared they are. I don’t know anything, they’re sending out spies to shut me up from telling you things I don’t know.

Jonathan: They haven’t said to you are you free, do you have a gap in your work diary at any stage this year.

David: I have not had a conversation like that

Jonathan: Has anyone had a conversation on your behalf about your diary, is there someone who keeps your diary who for the sake of honesty interviews like this who would not yet have spoken to you about chunks of time you might have put by to visit Wales this year

David:  I don’t know if I’ll be going to Wales, I couldn’t…

Jonathan: So you’re going to film it here in London?

Jonathan: You’ve got the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary to film…

David: I didn’t say that.

Jonathan: But you didn’t deny it…

Let’s be honest, though – he was never going to admit to any involvement, despite the questions, was he?

There are just two things we can glean from this appearance. First that David and wife Georgia Moffett are expecting their second child together (congratulations!) and second that the only surprise concerning David Tennant and the 50th anniversary would be if he didn’t turn up…


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