Don't Blink 2

The Four Topless Doctors!

Caution: this news may petrify you into a Weeping Angel.

Chicago’s Gorilla Tango Theatre is taking advanced orders for tickets for their new burlesque show, Don’t Blink: A Doctor Who Burlesque. You read that right.

It follows in the footsteps of Star Wars parody, The Empire Brings Sexy Back, and is written by Busty Warren (quiet, you at the back), directed by Katherine Siegel and choreographed by Kay Smiles. Now, you may presume that it’ll just be a perfectly innocent, funny spoof on everyone’s favourite Time Lord (or, indeed, Time Lady), but the Gorilla Tango Theatre promises nakedness:

Come travel through time and space with The Doctor and his companion, Cort, in their silliest, sexiest and most “lady-like” adventure yet! When a rough ride in the TARDIS leads to some gender bending changes for The Doctor, s/he embarks on a literal journey of self-discovery. Along the way s/he meets up with old friends, older incarnations, a few enemies, and even a naked Ood or two. Daleks and Cyberwomen and Weeping Angels, Oh my!

Aside from the odd naked Ood, you’ll get four Doctors for your money, as Warren explains:

I’m thrilled that this show is happening in the year of Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary…I’ve been a fan since before the 20th anniversary! For most people, their first Doctor is their favourite Doctor. Mine was [Tom Baker]. I actually met him once at a convention in Boston in 1983. I knew it would be impossible to include all the Doctors, so I used the three most recent, from the ‘new’ series, plus my boy Tom.

But why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?? Well, Busty Warren had a couple of things other writers probably didn’t, like a teaspoon and an open mind. (Sorry.) Katherine Siegel adds:

Don’t Blink is the sexy ode to Doctor Who that fans like me have been waiting for. It’s great to have the opportunity to take something you love and turn it on its head. So much work in science fiction deals with gender politics; and with a growing audience of female Sci-Fi fans, it’s great to take a moment to look at content with as much history as Doctor Who through a lens of femininity. Burlesque is all about social commentary through parody which makes it exciting for all audiences. Mixed in with the funny one-liners and sight gags there is a ton of commentary about the emphasis on gender in the Doctor Who community. Oh, and did I mention? For those people who don’t care about all that, there will be boobs. Roller skating Dalek boobs. C’mon – how awesome is that?

If that sounds like your kind of thing, you can pre-order tickets, priced $35.00, from their official website. Hey, man, it’s not for me to judge.

Don’t Blink, with a duration of approximately 60 minutes, debuts on 1st February, and runs every Friday up to and including 31st May.  And it’s definitely only for those aged 18 and above. So who’s up for reviewing it…?

50 extra artron for the first to say, ‘Type Phwoarty!’ (Not actually true.)


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