Worlds In Time Kongregates at Newsgrounds & Armor Games

The BBC has reached a new distribution deal for the first ever free-to-play online Doctor Who game, Worlds in Time.

The game, which gives players the chance to enter the TARDIS as the Doctor’s companion, is now available from game hosting websites, Kongregate, which reaches over 40,000 players a day; Armor Games, which features shooting, action and strategy games; and, founded in 1995. Jim Greer, CEO of Kongregate, said:

We are excited to showcase the first Doctor Who online game to the Kongregate gaming platform. Doctor Who: Worlds in Time combines elements of puzzle and strategy gaming with a deep story and diverse character base under the renowned Doctor Who brand. We are always looking to bring the best new and engaging free-to-play games to Kongregate, and Doctor Who: Worlds in Time definitely fits the bill.

In Worlds in Time, gamers can interact with other Doctor Who fans – a bit like our own forum, but with a few more cartoon characters – while battling Daleks, Cybermen, Ood, Zygons, and The Girl in the Fireplace’s Clockwork Droids. Robert Nashak, EVP Digital Entertainment & Games at BBC Worldwide said:

We are excited to extend the games’ reach to a wider audience and bring the beloved Doctor Who brand to more players. Distribution deals with companies like, Kongregate and Armor Games are mutually beneficial for both parties, and provide players an avenue to expand their gaming options.

There’s also been a recent update, introducing a class system (for those of you who’ve always wanted to be Diplomats), and custom specialist clothing (for all of you who’ve always wanted to be one of those famous Egyptian Diplomats).

It’s obviously been a success story for the BBC (at least according to the BBC), so if you want to get involved, you can visit the official Worlds in Time website… or you can learn more here!


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