Barrowman: “I want Davros, Donna and David to Return.”

On the release of their second children’s book together, brother and sister pair, John and Carole E. Barrowman spoke to Cult Box about the success of Hollow Earth, its follow-up, Bone Quill and, of course, Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Bone Quill

Their book series revolves around the idea of two twins, Em and Matt Calder, who can bring drawings to life, and this notion has obviously sparked the imaginations of many kids, as they explain:

Carole: We especially love hearing from teachers who are using Hollow Earth in their classes and enjoy it when their students then send us questions.

John: And send their art. We love to see the pictures that children are inspired to draw after reading Hollow Earth.

Hollow Earth and Bone Quill, as well as the planned potentially-final book in the trilogy, even look like they’ll make it to screens, as John says:

These things don’t move quickly, but it’s moving forward. We’re working on some of the pre-production decisions that need to be worked out, including finding the right people to be part of the project’s creative team as directors, writers etc.


Meanwhile, their Torchwood novel, Exodus Code, gained a warm reaction from the press in general (and you can read our own review here), and, when asked if an adaptation (for film, TV, comic or webisode) is likely, John replies:

We’d be up for all of those things, especially a movie or another series.

The announcement of Torchwood returning would compliment Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary nicely, don’t you think? And speaking of the 50th, who would John like to see back in Who – apart from himself, of course:

Davros, Donna, and my Doctor [David Tennant]. I love the whole Doctor Who universe. I’m excited for all the celebrations.

Looks like John’s a fan of Journey’s End (2008), eh!


John’s busy filming the US TV series, Arrow, based on the DC comic book series, alongside another face very familiar to Whovians – Alex Kingston, aka River Song. Doesn’t John miss the UK…?

Of course I miss the UK, but working on Arrow does mean I get to spend a bit more time with my mum and dad in California. I’d dress up for Downton if I were asked.

With at least one more book in the series, the paperback release of Exodus Code, and the pair working on a new TV series, even if he doesn’t return as Captain Jack Harkness, this certainly isn’t the last you’ll hear of John Barrowman and his sister, Carole…

(Via Cult Box.)


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