Big Finish Announces End to The Lost Stories

The universe has to move forward… Everything has its time. And everything ends.

So spoke a very wise woman a long time ago and with this in mind it’s time to announce the end of some of Big Finish’s most popular Doctor Who series (what do you mean “melodramatic” – pipe down!).


Doctor Who: The Lost Stories will finish at the end of 2013 after its final three releases, Gallifrey (the popular Doctor Who audio spin off starring Lalla Ward and Louise Jameson) will also end with its sixth series this year and finally The Companion Chronicles will end their monthly run in June 2014. Don’t worry however, if your current subscription leaves you with fewer than six releases from the end of the Companion Chronicles, Big Finish have added a four-release Final Season sub so it won’t be necessary to buy up to five titles at full price.

Now that you’ve had a moment to take this news in, let’s move on to the exciting stuff. Remember after all that this is the world of Doctor Who and the story never ends.

Big Finish will be launching an exciting new range of adventures from 2014 called The Early Adventures.

These stories will be in four parts and will star surviving lead cast members from Doctor Who’s black and white era. Imagine a mix of The Companion Chronicles and The Lost Stories if you will and then start to get really excited! Producer David Richardson spoke about the new launch next year:

While working on The Lost Stories, we fell in love with releases like Farewell, Great Macedon and The Masters of Luxor, which combine narration with dialogue… I suggested…we could use that format to tell new stories for the First and Second Doctors, pushing the full cast elements in order to create big, impressive productions.

But this is far from an early stage development; Big Finish is already hard at work on its new series in order to get it release on time for you to enjoy:

The scripts for the first four Early Adventures are now in…the aim is for these to feel like lost television soundtracks. The first series will comprise First Doctor tales, and will feature an historical, a trip into outer space, a beautifully reflective character piece… and the return of a classic villain from the early years!

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