Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara in Doctor Who Series 7b

Coleman’s Christmas Confirmation?

There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding the future of Jenna-Louise Coleman’s character in Doctor Who over the last six months. Many believe that she’s short term and won’t be around after the 2013 anniversary special. The rumour has it that her story is a short one and will culminate all too quickly.

Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara in Doctor Who Series 7b

But if you read the Evening Standard newspaper and are inclined to believe them, then it looks like Coleman will not only be in the 2013 Christmas special but also  series eight of Doctor Who as well, which would be marvellous as we’re only just getting to know her and eleven episode with her character seems somehow too short.

“Jenna-Louise’s multiple Clara Oswin Oswalds have been confirmed for the 2013 Christmas special and series eight. She has just found out that this year she will have a three-month break from filming Doctor Who when Matt Smith goes to America to star in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut How to Catch a Monster and was immediately on the phone to her agent, keen to start setting up meetings to find something to fill the slot.”

The article printed also mentions a planned three month gap in filming in order for Matt Smith to go off and film with Ryan Gosling in Hollywood before coming back to the Doctor Who fold. As we’ve previously mentioned on Kasterborous, rather than Smith’s call to movies meaning his immediate end to being involved with Doctor Who it could just mean that the filming blocks are shifted around to support his workload and therefore keep him in the role of the eleventh Doctor for a few more years at least.

(Via The Gallifrey Times)


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