Doctor Who: Shroud of Sorrow features the Eleventh Doctor and Clara

Coming Soon: Shroud of Sorrow

After a hiatus of nearly two years, the New Series Adventures Doctor Who books return in April, and promises to take us back almost 50 years, when Doctor Who, obviously, first started – and when American President, John F. Kennedy was assassinated!

Doctor Who: Shroud of Sorrow features the Eleventh Doctor and Clara

We haven’t actually seen a novel in this format since June 2011’s Borrowed Time, the 48th book in the series, though our lips have been whet by Dan Abnett’s The Silent Stars Go By and last year’s Dark Horizons. Shroud of Sorrow, then, will be the first book to feature Jenna-Louise Coleman’s Clara Oswin Oswald opposite Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor.

Here’s the official blurb:

23 November, 1963.


It is the day after John F. Kennedy’s assassination – and the faces of the dead are everywhere.


PC Reg Cranfield sees his late father in the mists along Totter’s Lane.


Reporter Mae Callon sees her grandmother in a coffee stain on her desk.


FBI Special Agent Warren Skeet finds his long-dead partner staring back at him from raindrops on a window pane.


Then the faces begin to talk, and scream… and push through into our world.


As the alien Shroud begins to feast on the grief of a world in mourning, can the Doctor dig deep enough into his own sorrow to save mankind?


It joins only a handful of stories set in Doctor Who’s debut year, including Remembrance of the Daleks, the Torchwood story, Ghost Machine, the video game, City of the Daleks and – naturally – An Unearthly Child. Totter’s Lane is where we first saw the TARDIS, and was revisited in both the aforementioned Remembrance and Attack of the Cybermen.

The book will be released alongside Plague of the Cybermen and The Dalek Generation on 11th April, with its author, Liverpool-born Tommy Donbavand, the only writer of the three new to the range. His 13-book Scream Street series has been translated into over a dozen languages and won the 2011 Hackney Short Story Award.

Shroud of Sorrow will be available, priced £6.99 – you can pre-order from Amazon for the reduced price of £4.96


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