Cubicle 7’s 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Sourcebooks

Cubicle 7 is set to release a series of Doctor Who sourcebooks to compliment both their roleplaying game and, of course, the 50th anniversary of the show.

DW roleplaying

The 160-page Hardcovers will cover one Doctor each, with the Eleventh Doctor split up into (potentially) multiple parts. Each book will measure 8.5”x11”, and the combined spines make up a montage of the Doctors. Cubicle 7 say:

We will present each of his adventures, giving an overview of the action and themes, exploring how you can use them in your games. We’ll also give you suggestions for further adventures based on the events depicted.

As well as being packed with information for use in your games, the books will be full of images from that Doctor’s incarnation, and will be a wonderful fan resource for the show’s history. We’re even keeping the first two in black and white to stay true to the feel of the show!

They’ll be available as both physical copies and PDFs, as the gaming company explains:

The First Doctor Book is due to be delivered in April, with the PDF being available in February. The Second Doctor Book is almost complete; the majority of the writing is finished on the Third and Fourth Doctor books and the Fifth and Sixth are underway. We aim to release a book every other month as a minimum, and hope to bring them out quicker than that.

They come after the success of both the Doctor Who: The Card Game set and the Defending the Earth: The UNIT Sourcebook.

UNIT Sourcebook

At the pre-order stage, you can obtain the sourcebooks through two subscription deals. The first deal includes all eleven books as physical and PDF copies, as well as all the PDF-only products to be released by the company this year. Cubicle 7 notes:

The MSRP for these books will be $385/£264 plus shipping – the subscription deal is $315/£216 plus shipping, a saving of $70/£48 – two free books!

While this investment contains the books that haven’t been finished yet, Deal 2 only covers the ones that are currently being written and produced: basically, the first six sourcebooks, from the First Doctor to the Sixth. This includes both physical copies and the PDFs. The company says:

The MSRP for these books will be $210/£144 plus shipping – the subscription deal is $175/£120 plus shipping, a saving of $35/£24 – one free book!

Shipping costs vary: the UK and USA will be charged 10% of the total order; Europe and Canada 20%; and the rest of the world a considerable 35%.

1st Doctor Sourcebook

The good thing about the subscription deals is that they’re open to cancellations and will refund according to how many books you’ve already received.

They certainly are expensive, however – but the PDF preview of the First Doctor sourcebooks looks impressive.

Find out more here.


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