Frazer Hines & Anneke Wills Star in Doctor Who: House of Cards

Frazer Hines Stars in Two Doctor Who Audios!

It’s double the Jamie McCrimmon fun this month at Big Finish as the company release two Jamie tales for listeners to enjoy!

Frazer Hines & Anneke Wills Star in Doctor Who: House of Cards

House of Cards, a Companion Chronicle release, has the TARDIS crew of the Second Doctor, Jamie and Polly land in a futuristic space casino to find monsters everywhere. Vicious robot dogs, snake-headed gangsters and a mysterious woman called Hope are all involved in the trouble as the time travellers are tracked down to be arrested. With poor old Polly finding that time might be her only ally. Written by Steve Lyons, author of last year’s terrific The Selachian Gambit and starring Fraser Hines as Jamie, with his pitch perfect performance as the Second Doctor, and Anneke Wills as Polly Wright, this is one you want to miss.

Shadow of Death is the second part of Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctor

Alongside that, listeners can also download the second in the Destiny of the Doctor series, which is also narrated by Fraser Hines. The co-production between Big Finish and AudioGo is a series of eleven adventures for each incarnation of the Doctor and it continues now with Shadow of Death:

Following an emergency landing, the TARDIS arrives on a remote world orbiting a peculiar star – a pulsar which exerts an enormous gravitational force, strong enough to warp time.

On further exploration the Doctor and his friends, Jamie and Zoe, discover a human outpost on the planet surface, inhabited by scientists who are there to study an ancient city. The city is apparently abandoned, but the scientists are at a loss to explain what happened to its sophisticated alien architects.

The Doctor discovers that something dark, silent and deadly is also present on the world – and it is slowly closing in on the human intruders…

Written by Simon Guerrier, the story also features Evie Dawnay as Sophie and promises to be a faithful tribute to the Patrick Troughton era of Doctor Who.

Both House of Cards and Destiny of the Doctor: Shadow of Death are available to download now from now, CD copies will be posted out today.


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