Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #1

Prisoners of Time #1 is Out Now!

Diamond Comics – the distribution overlords for comics in North America – have released a five-page preview of IDW’s new comic; Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time.

Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #1

The serial is IDW’s anniversary spectacular and is set to feature each Doctor in an over-arching plot coming to ahead just before the great day itself.

Each issue will feature art by a different artist, those confirmed so far include: Simon Fraser for issue one, Lee Sullivan for the second instalment and finally, for the third in the series Gary Erskine; with more to be announced as the year unfolds in its customary linear fashion.

Understandably, pride has been gushing from those involved across the internet.

Writers Scott and David Tipton have been chatting to Comic Book Resources where, as well as revealing that ‘a rogue’s gallery’ of villains are to appear, they will be paying homage to the many companions of the Doctor:

Scott: As many as we can squeeze in! We’re trying to tell a story for each Doctor that really feels like what most fans would think of from that era, and then it’s a matter of using the companions that fit the story best, and making sure it works within the established “Doctor Who” timeline.

While over on Comic Book Therapy Scott, a Tipton alone, shares his thoughts on the considerable opportunity of the 50th anniversary Doctor Who and having the chance to script the Star Trek crossover Assimilation².

It’s still a little surreal to me that we were allowed to do it at all. I’m just insanely happy about it. IDW, CBS and the BBC allowed us to tell the story we wanted to tell, and people seem to have enjoyed it. Doesn’t get much better than that.

And finally over at downthetubes, artist Simon Fraser takes about the difficulties of capturing the likenesses of the First Doctor, his companions and foes (who for this first issue will be The Web Planets Zarbi ):

It’s all about learning the characters faces and mannerisms until they feel like your own characters. Rather than slavishly copying production stills or framegrabs, because that always looks wooden and stilted.

The older characters are usually easy. Hartnell especially was a joy to draw. It’s one of the oddly wonderful things about a career in comics that I can now draw a decent portrait of Sir Thomas Huxley from memory.

I’m not sure I’m as strong on Ian and Barbara frankly, but I’ve spent a lot of time looking at them now and I’ve got a great deal better appreciation of just how good William Russell and Jaqueline Hill were in the roles.

The first issue is available in comic stores and via download at – if you would rather wait for the graphic novel, however, you can pre-order this from Amazon for £10.31 ahead of its June release.If you’re interested, don’t forget to check the preview first!


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