Torchwood: Exodus Code Paperback Release

Torchwood: Exodus Code, written by Captain Jack Harkness himself, John Barrowman, and his sister, Carole, is being released on paperback in August.


The hardback book was first released in September last year (with an audiobook following the month after), and was seen as the franchise’s first ‘event’ novel. Exodus Code sees the world in need of Torchwood – but after the events of Miracle Day, there is no Torchwood!

The number one trending topic on Twitter is #realfemmefatales, after women are driven crazy by heightened and confusing senses. There are tremors across the worlds. And Captain Jack Harkness has found alien involvement in Peru.

In Cardiff, Gwen Cooper has found a connection between something alien, and Jack. She’s got to warn him – but can she fight off the insanity that’s affecting women worldwide?


Albert De Petrillo, Senior Editorial Director at BBC Books, says:

I think the secret of Torchwood’s success is that, amid the big, bold plots, it has always been a character-driven drama – and few people know these characters as well as John Barrowman. We’re thrilled that he and Carole were able to continue the story of the Torchwood universe with this novel.

The book was received with warm reviews; certainly more favourable than Miracle Day! SFX said:

This is clearly intended to be Torchwood’s first “event” book, and it largely succeeds. With a globe-trotting storyline that encompasses all the surviving regulars, it’s easy to imagine this as the show’s fifth season. The writing is competent and crammed with references sure to please hardened ‘woodies.

Our own review (which can be found here) mentions how pleasing the book is to hardcore Whovians:

There are also some fan pleasing moments for Doctor Who or Sarah Jane Adventures followers with fleeting references to both shows and the revelation at the end of the book regarding the reasons behind the female population turning insane and Jack’s involvement will have Doctor Who fans grinning.

Exodus Code is released in paperback format in August, priced £7.99. And with John and Carole E. Barrowman keen for the storyline to be turned into either a movie, comic book, or especially part of a new Torchwood series, it’s definitely worth picking up Exodus Code.


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