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Altus Fan Film to Celebrate 50th

The Doctor Who Fan Film project in Altus, Oklahoma, is looking for volunteers to help create a film celebrating the 50th anniversary of the show.

Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks

Peggy Sue Clay, founder of the Altus Chapter of the Doctor Who Fan Film project, hopes to unite fans worldwide and produce a feature-length film starring lookalikes of various Doctors and companions, combining them with the Doctor’s most-feared foes. Here’s the film’s synopsis:

The fourth Doctor is off on another adventure with his companion Jema. But wait something’s wrong –  that’s not The Doctor? Ah yes it is, this is the fourth incarnation from a different time line. A different series of events brought about The Doctors third regeneration bringing about the birth of a different incarnation altogether. Prepare to see The Doctor in a whole new way with a new set of adventures as Doctor Who 2.0 explores this alternate time line.


In our first action packed adventure Jema and The Doctor come to earth for a little break only to discover a town where things are just a little too friendly, or are they? The town’s people are being taken over by small Cyber-spiders that insert themselves at the base of the skull and take complete control of their host.


Can The Doctor and Jema find out who’s behind this evil plot and stop them before it’s too late?


This adventure is full of twists and turns as The Doctor and Jema end up face to face with Daleks, the birth of the Cybermen and all this leading up to some epic battles as while the Doctor is away dealing with the Cybermen the earth has become over run with Daleks. The US military and UNIT join forces to try and stop them and end up with some special help from the past they did not count on.


Join us on this thrill ride of excitement and emotions as The Doctor is brought to the big screen in a way that has never been done before. This adventure although delving into a new Doctor draws it inspiration from the original series carefully taking key elements that people have recognized as characteristics of the Doctor Who program and bringing them into a new light.


This new adventure is guaranteed to thrill all generations of Doctor Who fans, so come join us in what will be the Epic tale of Doctor Who.

Aside from scouting for stars, the film is also looking for funding, with Kickstarter-like contribution perks, including signed photos, t-shirts, costumes… and even a Dalek or two!

The group’s regular meetings begin on 13th April 2013 at the Clay Cafe in Altus. You can find you more here.


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