An Adventure in Space and Time original TARDIS set

An Adventure Comes to a Close

Sadly, an adventure comes to an end.

It’s the last day of principal photography on Mark Gatiss’ An Adventure in Time and Space and judging by tweets posted yesterday, it will include yet another recreation of an iconic moment; the TARDIS de-materialisation sound!

An Adventure in Space and Time original TARDIS set

Natasha O’Keeffe tweeted to producer Matt Strevens:

To which the producer replied:


And in Doctor Who lore, the distinctive, wheezing groaning sound of the TARDIS passing into the time vortex was created by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop by Brian Hodgson who dragged a set of house keys across the strings of an old piano. The sound was then recorded and processed with echo and reverb.

Natasha kindly lent her piano to the production after answering an ad placed on Gumtree.

In the last couple of days of photography we’ve seen the Zarbi menacing a recreation of The Web Planet, the introduction of a character called Douglas and had a visit from DWM editor Tom Spilsbury who tweeted:

So now after this final visit to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, all that’s left to do is to thank everyone for the wonderful experience which is just what Matt Strevens has tweeted:

Oh, and this:

Let’s hope he’s out in time to see this fascinating drama aired. All the signs point to this being a very special broadcast indeed. Can’t wait!

(With details from Doctor Who News)


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