It’s a Big Welcome Back to the Forum!

It’s been a long-time coming, but today we formally announce the revival of the Kasterborous Doctor Who Forum!


A fixture on the site since 2005, the forum has struggled with software issues of late, and the last straw was a failed update that made the existing data unviewable.

As a result, we opted to revive the forum in a new, stripped down form, a plan that will we hope bring back our core members and enable newcomers to happily interact without being overwhelmed.

I should add at this point that one of the main aims of the forum has always been for members to respect one another and their views. We don’t tolerate flaming; just as in the comments on news pages, the forum is for debating, putting across a point of view rather than resorting to insults.

So, the rudimentary components of the forum are in place. If you already have a login to leave comments on Kasterborous then you can join the conversation now.

The forum is currently divided into 4 sections:

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing unique content with our forum members that cannot be accessed elsewhere on the site. Additionally, we’ll be offering the opportunity to win merchandise and pickup items at a reduced price!

We’ll be in the forum straight after broadcast of Doctor Who this evening, so come on in and join the conversation!


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