Michael Pickwoad the “Special Guest Star” of Series 7b!

TARDIS interiorWhen it comes to guest stars in Doctor Who, we’re always ready to see who will be appearing in our favourite show in its newest series.

Excitement for series 7b is already high with the thought of Dame Diana Rigg making appearance as well as the anticipation of who will appear in the 50th anniversary special.

But let’s not forget the good people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make Doctor Who look so good and especially we should not gloss over the tireless efforts that designer Michael Pickwoad does in order to give Doctor Who, and especially the TARDIS, the look that we adore.

Pickwoad began working on Doctor Who from 2010’s A Christmas Carol, and his work has shined brightly throughout his tenure. He was the man responsible for the TARDIS control room redesign that we saw in 2012’s The Snowmen.

Coming up in 2013, we have a very special episode of Doctor Who called Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, which we’ll all agree sounds just brilliant. Pickwoad should really be credited highly as a special star of the episode due to his work on it, which we’re told are very exciting as:

He went away and came back with piles worth of sketches that would make any fan explode.

Rumours are that we’ll see the eye of Harmony make a reappearance. You know this episode’s going to be a corker, just remember the man who helped to make it a reality!

As for “Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS” she says:

“Our designer Michael Pickwoad should probably be credited as special guest star on quite a few of our episodes this year, because some of the sets and the vistas that he’s accomplished are just absolutely mindblowing, not least in the detail but in the imagination. And obviously an episode with that title is a designer’s dream. He went away and came back with piles worth of sketches that would make any fan explode.”

Find out more in SFX 233, out now!


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