Redesigned Cybermen For Neil Gaiman's Episode

Skinner Teases Gaiman’s “Creepy” Cybermen!

Issue 233 of SFX features quite a bit of Doctor Who, celebrating the series’ return on March 30th. By way of a teaser, the sci-fi monthly has offered the following quotes from Executive Producer Caro Skinner on the matter of Neil Gaiman’s redesigned Cybermen…

Redesigned Cybermen For Neil Gaiman's Episode

Of the stunning redesign and the new approach for the monsters in the episode The Last Cyberman, Skinner says:

One of the things that Neil was initially really excited about was being given one of the classic Doctor Who monsters and being able to bring a new twist and a new way of looking at them. Certainly when we watched them on set they felt very creepy and the redesign of the masks recalls to a certain extent some of the earlier ‘Moonbase’/‘Tomb Of The Cybermen’ designs.

It’s not just about the episode being creepy, however. In the traditions of all great drama, The Last Cyberman is apparently about putting the Doctor into a tense conflict with the cybernetic monstrosities whose development he has repeatedly failed to prevent over the years.

What Neil’s also done in that episode is actually used the notion of being able to write a story about the Doctor in conflict with the Cybermen in a new way, to really make it a huge episode for Matt. It’s a brilliant performance, that one. It’s interesting what Neil does – he always delivers such wonderful visual sequences, as he did with ‘The Doctor’s Wife’, but one of his real strengths is that he gets right to the heart of the characters as well. In many ways that episode is as much about Matt’s Doctor in conflict with one of the most classic and famous Doctor Who monsters as it is about what the Cybermen look like.

SFX #233 is out on Wednesday, March 6th!


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