Tom Baker and Mary Tamm as the Doctor and Romana

Two Fourth Doctor Adventure Details

It’s double the Fourth Doctor this month from Big Finish productions as they release not one but two adventures from series two of the Fourth Doctor Adventures.

Tom Baker and Mary Tamm as the Doctor and Romana

Ahead of the 10th Planet Big Finish event on March 23rd, which will have Tom Baker as well as Trevor Baxter and Christopher Benjamin (Jago and Litefoot) in attendance, Big Finish have released War Against the Laan as well as The Justice of Jalxar which features the Fourth Doctor and Romana (Mary Tamm) meeting up with Jago and Litefoot for another rip-roaring adventure.

War Against the Laan is the second of a two-part adventure set on Earth which finds the Doctor fending off an alien invasion with no help from the nasty businessman Cuthbert (played by David Warner). The Justice of Jalxar has the Doctor and Romana tam up with the investigators of infernal affairs Jago and Litefoot in Victorian London as it comes under threat from a mysterious being know only as the Pugilist.

The two stories are now available to purchase from Big Finish’s website and for those of you that will be attending Big Finish Day 3, you’ll be able to now get your copies of The Justice of Jalxar signed by Tom Baker, Trevor Baxter and Christopher Benjamin!

With the early release of The Justice of Jalxar, this means that there will be no Fourth Doctor release in April and the range will resume its regular schedule in May 2013 with Phantoms of the Deep.

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