BBC iPlayer Use Increases on Tablets

How many of you reading this are doing so on a smartphone? And now, how many of you are enjoying the fine Doctor Who content of Kasterborous on a tablet device? We would imagine, due to statistics, that there are now more of you on tablets than any other device.


The BBC has announced that for the first time ever, their iPlayer service was accessed by more tablet users than by those using a smartphone. The exact figure was 41 million requests for television and radio shows through tablets and 40 million requests through smartphones, not a massive difference but enough of one to see where technology is heading.

Tablets are certainly the easy was forward when it comes to viewing, they’re always on (providing you charge then) and they work instantly (provided you’ve bought a decent one), they’re also extremely user and iPlayer friendly as well. How many of you, we wonder, have been surfing the internet on your tablets at home for nothing in particular before opening up iPlayer to have a quick gander at what’s been happening on EastEnders? Or Top Gear? Or, of course, to re-watch Doctor Who for the 30th time in order to make sure that the weekly ratings are higher than they should be for the episode that’s just gone out last Saturday?

Tablets and smartphones have accounted for 30 per cent of iPlayer usage and in March there were 272 million requests made for programs; we can only hope that at least half of them were for Doctor Who.

In an age where initial television ratings now only account for 70% of the total viewing audience and more and more people are deciding to watch their programs at a time that suits them, this is especially relevant to Doctor Who, where the initial and final rating differ by several million.

How long before television starts to become a request only service rather than a scheduled viewing?

(Via The Telegraph.)


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