Clara & the TARDIS: “a bit of a face-off” Says Jenna

Have you spent the past week wondering why the TARDIS refused to let Clara as she hid with Merry in The Rings of Akhaten? It seems that the latest Doctor Who companion might not be hitting it off with The Doctor’s Wife, if Jenna-Louise Coleman is to be believed…

Clara in the TARDIS

You get to pilot that TARDIS in one episode. What does driving it entail?

Speaking to TV Guide recently, the Clara Oswald actress revealed that there’s a bit of friction between the new companion and the TARDIS.

But you know, the TARDIS and Clara have a relationship. Actually I don’t think we’ve talked about this in interviews before. It’s something that’s running through the series. Instead of it being like, “Does so-and-so like Clara?” The TARDIS and Clara have a bit of a face-off. So, the Doctor is obviously bringing back somebody new.

I think we’ve done a whole additional content scene of me talking to the TARDIS, and the TARDIS is making fun of Clara. They kind of have an argument. They’ve got a relationship individual to the Doctor where they have a dialogue.

We’ve had companions who try to kill the Doctor, companions who want to sleep with the Doctor, but never one who has a bad relationship with the TARDIS! This should be interesting…


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