The Ice Warriors return in Doctor Who Series 7b

“I will blow this sub up…”

With The Rings of Akhaten out of the way, it’s time for one of the big episodes of 2013 – Cold War, which features the return of the Ice Warriors, one of Doctor Who‘s classic enemies!

If you weren’t aware of the Ice Warriors, or don’t “get” the excitement, it’s really quite simple: they’re Doctor Who‘s Martians. Most fictional science fantasy and science fiction has creatures from the Red Planet, from War of the Worlds to Dan Dare, Mars Attacks! to Quatermass. They first appeared in 1967’s The Ice Warriors, returned two years later in The Seeds of Death and also showed up in 1972 serial The Curse of Peladon and it’s 1974 follow up The Monster of Peladon, before fading into history.

Better still, these particular Martians are reptiles, a vague link to Earth’s own Silurians/Homo Reptilia and if you’ve read this month’s Doctor Who Magazine you’ll know that writer Mark Gatiss is thrilled with the episode and the opportunity it opens up to explore this race with its rich background further…

So, here is the Next Time trailer along with the first BBC One trail for Cold War, which guests the superb David Warner.

Cold War is scheduled for 6pm on Saturday, 13th April and 8 ET on BBC America.


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