Moffat Rewrote Series Plans For Jenna

So impressed was Steven Moffat with Jenna-Louise Coleman’s audition that he scrapped his original plans for the Doctor’s newest companion.

Doctor Who: The Rings of Akhaten

Jenna-Louise Coleman has revealed that she had originally audition for the role of the Governess, which was to be the character full time, but as the auditions were taking place for Oswin, Steven Moffat pieced the two together:

I think that is the brilliant thing. Bringing in a new character is hard, but Steven has done the best thing and been very clever by creating this mystery.

Asked by Kroq radio in America if she was all the same character, she added:

Oswin was a guest role originally; I was auditioning for the companion that was already written. But the cogs were turning with Steven and he pieced this story together by having me be Oswin.


We kept it a surprise; I was under lock down in the studio. For real fans it was amazing.

Doctor Who: The Rings of Akhaten

Jenna also spoke of that certain something between Clara and The Doctor – a certain something that the Doctor is totally oblivious to:

There is always a frisson between the Doctor and his companion and a certain amount of flirtation and teasing. It is based on friendship, when you go every week saving each other’s lives; it is based on friendship really.


Also Matt’s Doctor is slightly asexual, any kind of flirtation – he won’t get it. It is a little bit clumsy. He wouldn’t realise he was on a date if he was on one.

Despite the obvious pressure involved with appearing in one of the most popular shows in the world, Jenna has no regrets about taking on the role:

You don’t want to take a job on and a job people have invested in so much unless you feel you are up to the job.


You have first day nerves but as soon as you open a Steven Moffat script, all that goes out the window. You just can’t wait to do it.


It is brilliant and so limitless what you can do on this series so every episode is so different and it is just exciting. The stuff we get to do day-to-day is not like any other job.

Doctor Who: The Rings of Akhaten

The new series continues on Saturday with the ‘so different’ Rings of Akhaten. Read our series previews here and here.

(Via The Mirror.)


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