Peter Davison @ Hal-Con 2013

Hal-ConAs Whovians we’re used to the idea that where one Doctor goes another will eventually follow but to have it happen in reverse?  It’s weird when everything gets all timey-wimey!

Sylvester McCoy was originally slated to appear at Hal-Con 2013 but had to back out.  He has been replaced by none other then the Fifth Doctor – Peter Davison.

From November 8th to November 10th, 2013, Peter Davison will be in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the 4th annual Hal-Con Convention.

Convention Chair Jennifer Lambe had this to say on Peter Davison’s announcement.

I am delighted Peter Davison will be joining Hal-Con for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. We are lucky to have the 5th Doctor joining us for our fourth annual convention. It’s not everybody that can make a stalk of celery look so good. – Jennifer Lambe

Peter Davison will be appearing at the convention with others guests like Billy Dee Williams, Garret Wang (ST: Voyager), J. August Richards (Angel, SHIELD), Richard Hatch (BSG), David Nykl (SG:A), Robert J. Sawyer, Matthew LeDrew, Ellen Curtis, and Halifax’s own local celebrity – Fat Apollo (Don’t Ask – Trust me!).

Seventh Doctor, and part-time wizard, Sylvester McCoy was announced at the closing ceremonies of Hal-Con 2012 (A year that had Nicholas Briggs as a guest) but had to back out for unannounced reasons.

We were saddened to hear Sylvester McCoy would not be able to join us as originally planned. It would have been fun to meet the man behind Radagast. Our future with Doctor Who guests is bright with many shining stars yet to join us. – Jennifer Lambe

Hal-Con is a sci-fi & fantasy convention run, and owned, by volunteers. Based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia in the east coast of Canada, their first convention was in 2010 and premiered with great success.  They followed it up with a triumphant return in 2011. Hal-Con guest alumni have included Denise Crosby (ST:TNG), Walter Koenig (ST:TOS), Bill Murphy & Kevin Corbett (MST3K), Erin Gray (Buck Rogers), Nicholas Brendon (BTVS), JG Hertzler (ST:DS9), RA Salvatore (Legend of Drizzt), Brandon Sanderson (Wheel of Time) and Robert Maillet (300).

Tickets and details are available at Hal-con’s website


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