RTD & Katy Manning Remember Lis Sladen

Has it really been two years since the wonderful Elisabeth Sladen passed away and left the whole world of Doctor Who that little bit emptier? Sadly, it is.


But, the legendary lady will be remembered for hundreds and hundreds of years thanks to her amazing portrayal of Sarah Jane Smith, the Doctor’s best friend and one of the bravest television characters ever invented.

She also delighted children and adults worldwide in The Sarah Jane Adventures, a CBBC spin-off to Doctor Who that ran from 2007 to 2011 about Sarah Jane and a group of her young friends saving the world week in, week out. The Doctor even popped in to help them now and then.

The last time the Doctor and Sarah Jane met on-screen was in 2010’s Death of the Doctor, in which Sarah Jane and Jo Grant (friend of the Third Doctor) attended the Doctor’s funeral after it was claimed that he died. Luckily, the Eleventh Doctor eventually turned up and sorted out all of the mistakes.

Having the characters of Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith appear on-screen together was a dream come true for all Doctor Who fans, none more so than the writer of the episode Russell T Davies and you can hear an excerpt from the commentary that he and Katy Manning recorded for the episode that will be included on the DVD release of The Green Death: Special Edition.

The clip has Davies and Manning discussing Sladen’s untimely death as well as the impact that she has had on the world, it’s saddening and heart-warming at the same time.

The Green Death: Special Edition will be released in August.

(Via DoctorWho.TV.)


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