Doctor Who Series 7 Hide

SpiderGate – What Do YOU Think? [POLL]

You may or may not be aware, but a schism has occurred in Doctor Who fandom following Saturday’s Series 7 episode Hide. Despite fans taking the episode to their bosom’s some have uttered that fearsome Dalek cry of…

Doctor Who Series 7 Hide

Left of centre, a connection to the Eye of Harmony. To the right of this, a blue crystal from Metebelis Three is attached to Emma Grayling’s head. From Doctor Who Series 7, Hide.


This has all occurred over a mispronunciation (or a perceived one, at least) in which the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) contradicted his previous self, the Third Doctor. The horror of this travesty has been dubbed #spidergate on Twitter.

So to clarify:

Now, a quick browse through non-fiction and fictional works of Doctor Who will find contradictions between the following:

  • Metebelis 3
  • Metebelis Three
  • Metebelis III

You might wonder how these (mis?)interpretations are any different to pronouncing the planet as “meh-ta-bee-liss” (Planet of the Spiders, Jon Pertwee) ot “meh-teb-el-iss” (Hide, Matt Smith). And let’s not get started on things like lisps, or the very different accents of actors such as Sylvester McCoy and Christopher Eccleston in the meantime.

The poll and the comments below are where you can leave your thoughts on the topic.

Look out for our Hide review later today.


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