The Shy Birthday Time Lord

Today is David Tennant’s birthday, and while we don’t make a habit of sending such greetings to actors, we just happen to have an interesting story about the Tenth Doctor actor concerning his courtship with Georgia Moffett…


It just goes to show that no matter how successful a person is, how much money they make or even how confident the come across to the public, they can still have their own personality traits that keep them the same as everybody else.

Speaking with Readers Digest magazine recently, former Doctor Peter Davison reminisced about the early courtship that his daughter Georgia Moffett (Jenny in 2008’s The Doctor’s Daughter) and other former Doctor David Tennant enjoyed.

Some of you may have the idea that Tennant was cool and suave as he whisked Moffett off her feet, acting with a megastar confidence that he could rightly sum up. But Davison paints an altogether different picture regarding the early days for the couple, one that’s more realistic and refreshing:

He [David Tennant] was actually very shy about getting round to asking her out. They’d meet up and go to the theatre, and it was quite a while before he plucked up the courage.

A situation that, we’re sure, everyone’s been involved in at some point in their life. Davison went on further to mention that he understood Tennant’s shyness from the outset:

She [Moffett] said, ‘I don’t understand. If he’s interested, why he doesn’t just ask me out? He’s playing Doctor Who!’ And I said, ‘It doesn’t really make any difference. You’re either that sort of person or you’re not.’ It doesn’t matter if you’re the most famous guy in the world if you’re self-effacing.

Tennant would have undoubtedly been doubly nervous, as he was trying to impress someone he fancied without coming on too strong whilst at the same time trying to leave his hero worship at the front door, considering the fact that the girl in questions father was the Fifth Doctor! But he needn’t have worried, Davison knows a thing or two about feeling daunted by someone’s presence, he had to replace four former Doctors:

I watched the first five or six years of the show [Doctor Who] avidly. So when I started in 1981, I was daunted about following Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell.

It all worked out nicely in the end for everyone, the moral of this little tale is: never let your shyness overcome a life changing situation!



What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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