Geronimo - Eleventh Doctor Who in The End of Time

A Big Welcome to New Readers!

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve noticed a surge of new readers heading to Kasterborous to sample our unrivalled blend of Doctor Who news, reviews, features and interviews.

There was only really one reason for this (beyond our excellent articles, superb podKast and increasingly popular forum) and this was, of course, the growing fascination with the Series 7 finale.

However, in light of the constant bashing that Doctor Who appears to be getting from some fans these days, please understand the following. We’ve had a tenfold increase in visitor numbers over the weekend. This hasn’t happened because people don’t like Doctor Who anymore, or that the show isn’t enjoyable. People just don’t go online to look for information about shows that they don’t like.

It’s happened because the show has caught imaginations in a way that simply hasn’t happened at any point since 2005. I’m not in the habit of sharing our figures as they’re commercially sensitive, but the reaction has been astonishing. The comments have been equally surprising.

So, a big welcome to our new readers. We hope that you will be here to stay, and that you find the wealth of content on Kasterborous now and in the future to be to your liking. If there is something you would like to see, please let us know!


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