Clarence and the Whispermen DVD Extra

Gee, thanks BBC. One of the most intriguing notions put forward by The Name of the Doctor – namely that the insane can “hear” background chatter – has been soundly dismissed in a DVD extra, Clarence and the Whispermen.

Featuring the Whispermen paying a visit to the incarcerated murderer Clarence – seen at the beginning of The Name of the Doctor offering Madame Vastra information that might save his life – the scene really adds nothing to the episode other than spelling things out for those viewers who like everything explained to them.

Other than the fact that same viewers should perhaps take up reading rather than testing their mental agility with Doctor Who (and no, it isn’t rocket science), the prologue/prequel/learn-the-difference-please-PR-people’s only redeeming feature is that “Clarence and the Whispermen” is an awesome name for a band.

The Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 DVD is out in shops today (May 27th), and can be bought from Amazon for £17.75 while the Blu-ray edition will set you back £18.71


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