More 50th Spoilers in the Press

Doctor Who fans intrigued by the casting of highly respected actor John Hurt might want to read on, but the rest of you be aware that the following rumours – published in The Sun – may be more accurate than we would like.

Who is John Hurt playing in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary?We’ll also give plenty of room here to those of you with feed readers.

Before proceeding, we should add that while the following is claimed to be from a BBC source, it might just have likely turned up in the Gallifrey Base forum, or on Twitter or a mysterious, barely read Tumblr.

Okay, ready?

The Truth About John Hurt

The Sun claims that John Hurt will be playing the Doctor, a missing incarnation lost in the Time War. However, they also throw in some Christopher Eccleston mentions, with the implication being that he is somehow to blame for this “new” Doctor – something which is clearly nonsense and would have required very speedy rewrites.

According to their source/the forum post they read

John will play the real Ninth Doctor. Christopher Eccleston has always been thought of as the Ninth Doctor but now that John has been revealed as the Ninth Doctor, it shuffles Eccleston’s Doctor to be the Tenth Time Lord, Tennant the 11th and Smith the 12th.

It also means the Doctor’s time is running out as he can only regenerate 12 times.

Missing the well-remembered point by fans here – 12 regenerations means 13 lives!

Their source continues with a rationale as to why Hurt’s “Doctor” was forgotten:

The reason the Doctor has forgotten his ninth incarnation will become clear but it’s to do with the Time War and his shame over his behaviour in it.

Tennant and Smith’s Doctors will at first refuse to accept Hurt is them — until their sonic screwdrivers confirm it and announce, ‘He’s us. He’s the ninth us’.


We would imagine that if this is in any way true, certain people at BBC Wales would be incandescent with rage.

I know I would be.

Please don’tt read the comments unless you want to be spoilered!


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