Doctor Who Series 7b: Nightmare in Silver

Nightmare in Silver Reaction

What with the John Hurt madness and the Kasterborous news team taking a well-deserved break, I’ve found myself a little behind on some of the regular articles – such as our reaction roundup to Nightmare in Silver.

Doctor Who Series 7b: Nightmare in Silver

The penultimate episode of Doctor Who Series 7 has proved divisive (as has much of the run, in fact). While the overnight audience figure of 4.7 million was low, BBC was hammered across the board by a late kick-off FA Cup Final (remember when it was all done and dusted before tea time?) and Britain’s Got Talent on ITV.

Our own readers voted on the episode soon after broadcast, with 486 respondents putting pen to paper (figuratively speaking). A considerable 60.9%  (285 votes) declared Nightmare in Silver “A silvery classic!”, while 26.28%  (123 votes) were baffled by “Cyberia”. A low 12.82%  (60 votes) decided the episode “was a nightmare!”. We suspect some of the reviews might be a nightmare for Mr Neil Gaiman, too, whose previous episode The Doctor’s Wife was so widely regarded.

When we first started these review roundups back in 2005, we were very interested in what the press had to say about nuWho. These days, the increasingly insular metropolitan media can barely see outside of its back garden, never mind offer genuine critiques of TV shows (search Kasterborous for “Gavin Fuller”) for more on this.

So we’re bringing to an end our regular check of the press reaction in favour of turning our eye to the fan reaction, namely that found on YouTube. This, people, is where it’s at.

Let’s start with Shamus Kelley and Abby Murphy:

Aren’t they sweet!

Meanwhile, here’s some interesting thoughts from Lippmannette:

We’ll finish with Gypsy Who

If you want to know what we think on Kasterborous, check the forum thread for Nightmare in Silver and take a look at the episode review.

Finally, you might want to join the thousands of people who have tuned into our Nightmare in Silver podKast, in which co-host James McLean goes off on what can only be described as a rant. Seriously, this has recently turned into our most popular podKast ever by a country mile, and if someone out there would like to convert James’ rant into a YouTube video, perhaps with accompanying footage, we’re sure it would do very well…


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