Remembering Nicholas Courtney

Until his sad death in 2011, Nicholas Courtney – better known as Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart – was the grand old man of Doctor Who, the paternal figure of fandom and honorary president of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society.

As the Brigadier, Courtney appeared in episodes spanning 1968-1989 (From The Web of Fear to Battlefield), along with the 30th anniversary Dimensions in Time (which we generally don’t talk about here), several straight-to-video spin-offs, Big Finish and other audios and of course in The Sarah Jane Adventures’ Enemy of the Bane.

Basically, he was well-loved and is sadly missed.

The DVD release earlier this year, The Legacy Collection, includes a fascinating interview with Courtney by his friend and memoir co-writer/editor Mark McManus (with occasional interjections from Tom Baker).

One of many reasons to buy the boxset, you can however see the extra now on YouTube…

Designed for hardcore Doctor Who fans with an interest in the classic series, The Legacy Collection DVD boxset is a collection of sought-after extras. It is also unmissable, and as it is available for just £11.00 from Amazon you really should have bought it by now…


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