The Curse of Peladon Released on Audiobook

For all of you that only found out about the Ice Warriors thanks to Mark Gatiss’s fantastic Doctor Who episode Cold War, perhaps you’d like to discover a previous encounter between the Doctor and the Martians.


Released in May 2013 comes The Curse of Peladon from AudioGo, a reading of the 1974 Target novel by Brian Hayles. Read by David Troughton who played King Peladon in the original TV serial of the same name (and also made a guest appearance in 2008’s Midnight) this unabridged classic tells the tale of murder, mystery and deceit in the citadel of Peladon.

When the TARDIS materializes on the primitive planet Peladon, the Doctor and Jo become embroiled in political machinations. What is the secret behind the killings on the planet, and how are his old enemies the Ice Warriors involved?

Again, the terrifying cry rang out. The Doctor quickened his pace along the gloomy tunnels of the castle. Suddenly, from the darkness lumbered the mighty Aggedor, Royal Beast and Protector of the Kingdom of Peladon! The Doctor fumbled in his pocket. Would the device work? As he trained the spinning mirror on the eyes of Aggedor, the terrible claws came closer and closer…

What is the secret behind the killings on the planet of Peladon? Is Aggedor seeking revenge because the King of Peladon wants his kingdom to become a member of the Galactic Federation? Will the Doctor escape the claws of Aggedor and discover the truth?

Featuring the Third Doctor and Jo Grant, The Curse of Peladon is a stone cold Doctor Who classic and has a very inventive use of the Ice Warriors.

Doctor Who: The Curse of Peladon

With a run time of over 5 hours over 6 CD’s, The Curse of Peladon is a Doctor Who adventure that you need to listen to, you can even do that on your way to work now!

You can order your copy now at Amazon for the tidy price of £7.95


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