Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors animated!

The Ice Warriors’ Character Artwork

We’ve gone from 0 to 60 in the space of such short time when it comes to recreated episodes of Doctor Who on DVD: this year has already offered us The animated episodes of The Reign of Terror and we’ve still got The Tenth Planet, The Ice Warriors and The Moonbase to look forward to as well. You can’t say that we aren’t being treated well during Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary year.

To get you a little more excited ahead of Augusts’ release of The Ice Warriors on DVD, the animation company given the commission to recreate the episodes, Qurios, have revealed their design artwork for the main characters in the adventure.

The Ice Warriors Character Artwork

There’s the Second Doctor, Jamie, Victoria, Leader Clent, Arden, Miss Garrett, Penley, Storr and of course the eponymous warriors of the story Varga, Zondal and the other one – you know who we mean; he has a rather large head for an Ice Warrior. Y’know. Him.

Theses animations and designs are a very different approach to what we were offered from 2006’s recreations on the DVD release of The Invasion so start getting excited about a new style of Doctor Who!

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