Awesome Doctor Who Posters!

Show your geek credentials with Instant Print’s stunning range of Doctor Who posters.

As you no doubt know, the universe’s best sci-fi show celebrates its 50th anniversary in November, so it’s the perfect time to cover your walls with the Doctor’s most feared enemies and, of course, the TARDIS!

To Victory

First seen in 2010’s Victory of the Daleks, To Victory is a great piece of British propaganda, designed after the memorable World War 2 posters to boost morale. Though the episode, which saw the Eleventh Doctor and Amy come up against seemingly-good Daleks during the Blitz, was met with mixed reviews, the poster was an instant hit, and this 50th anniversary special print is limited to just 1,963 copies. (No prizes for guessing why!)

The Dalek Blueprint is a fantastic companion piece to this, detailing the front and side elevations of Bracewell’s ‘Ironsides,’ from the same Series 5 episode. It really is an impressive piece for lovers of those metal menaces from Skaro.

The Pandorica Opens Art

Series 5, the first to feature Matt Smith as the Time Lord alongside his companions, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), featured many arresting images, including ‘The Pandorica Opens’ – no, not the episode, but the painting by Vincent van Gogh of the same name, which led the Doctor to Stonehenge in 102 AD. It’s so iconic, you can even see it adorning a wall in the ever-popular cult American TV show, The Big Bang Theory!

The series’ arc centred on a mysterious crack in time, caused by said exploding TARDIS. You, too, can have a crack in your wall with the limited edition poster. Just beware: it may take hold of you – and erase you from all of time!

Don’t panic, though; the ‘Keep Calm, I’m The Doctor’ print should scare away any nasties from all of time and space – or a look at the TARDIS A1 poster (by Kasterborous co-founder, Anthony Dry) will do the trick!

Just head over to Instant Print to get your custom Doctor Who prints, in sizes ranging from A3 to A0 (that’s huuuuge), or scout out your local Forbidden Planet to get the pick of the bunch!


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