Has Rory Kinnear Been Offered the Twelfth Doctor?

It’s a mighty hot weekend outside, even at the North East Wing of Kasterborous Towers, but this doesn’t stop the rumour and speculation concerning Matt Smith’s successor from becoming headline news. Once again it is Rory Kinnear who is linked to Doctor Who, this time a little more heavily than previous “who should be the Doctor?” round-ups.

Rory Kinnear 2

It all began with a claim by Starburst on Friday that the BBC was planning to confirm the name of the new Doctor following reports of an impending Sunday newspaper scoop. Just seven days after the loss of one Doctor, we’d have had the name of the next – officially, not unlike 2005.

As things unfolded, however, the BBC made quite clear that there would be no announcement.

So what did the as yet unnamed Sunday newspaper have? Perhaps Rory Kinnear’s name. If you’ve browsed or picked up a copy of The Telegraph today you may have seen “BBC asks James Bond star to be its new Doctor Who“, in which Mandrake tells readers:

“He has been offered the part and we are waiting to hear if he will accept. He is the perfect choice.”

We’re not sure if “perfect” is the right word, any more than we’re convinced this is legitimate. The timing is interesting, though. But of course until official confirmation arrives from BBC Wales, we’re still looking…


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