Doctor Who: Fish Fingers and Custard

How Did YOU Meet the Doctor?

New contributor Melinda recalls how she encountered Doctor Who for the first time. Was it fate?

Let’s travel back in time a bit – something we’re all familiar with here – to September of 2012. Yes, it’s not that far off and many of you are probably thinking what a boring choice for time travel, but for me, this marks a life-changing moment. For this is when I met the Doctor.

Doctor Who: Fish Fingers and Custard

A year ago, I was a simple girl with no knowledge of the Doctor. Now, before you cringe and judge, remember I am a young, American girl and had no one to introduce me to this marvelous world. With that being said, it’s all still a bit of a mystery to me.

I first noticed Doctor Who when I was at a horror movie convention. Browsing through the rare DVDs, I came across a few different Doctor Who collections ranging from the 1960’s all the way to 2007. My intrigue was caught immediately as I pondered what phenomena this must be to have lasted so long in such a fickle society.

Most of the collections were homemade and the only information found were the titles of the episodes. I was only able to gather that this show had been around forever, there seemed to be several different “Doctors” and that it was a BBC program. So, with my own disobedient attention span, I sat the DVDs down and moved on to the next booth.

After that day, Doctor Who seemed to popping everywhere. My Netflix was constantly suggesting that I watch it, ads on FaceBook were promoting the series, Twitter was suggesting I follow Doctor Who pages. What was this show, and why was the universe pushing it on me so much?

About a month later, I had finished watching Heroes, and Doctor Who continued to taunt me. There were a few other shows I had wanted to dive into, but somewhere deep within, I knew I had to watch Doctor Who. It was beckoning me, calling my name.

And that is when I made my fateful click and watched Rose. I was hooked the moment the intro began. And was even more freaked out the second I saw that blue police box flying down the wormhole. Just days before, I came across a blue police box on Pinterest that someone had turned into a wine cellar. “What a marvelous idea!” I thought, and repinned it to my “Future Home” board. Little did I know, that was just one more sign reaching out. Oh, how I love synchronicity.

Back to my first episode, I immediately fell in love with the campy feel to it. It held a remarkable resemblance to another favorite show of mine, Eerie Indiana – a Nickelodeon program from the 90’s, I highly recommend it – and the odd, brilliant and somewhat rude Doctor. I couldn’t wait to watch another, and another. I wanted to wake my sister and force her to watch it – which I actually wound up doing the next evening; needless to say she was hooked right away, too.

In a matter of two months, I watched every episode and tracked down every Classic Episode I could find. I’ve recently just finished Torchwood – and what a tearjerker was the Season 3 finale, I was crying at my desk!

My life revolves around Doctor Who, and now my small little corner of New Jersey knows quite a bit about him thanks to my endless sputtering heart filled rants.

The Doctor and his blue box arrived in my home one day, and my life has never been the same. Now I want to know, how did you meet the Doctor?

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