Is This How Moffat Writes Doctor Who?

Ever wonder how writers like Steven Moffat come up with their ideas for Doctor Who?


Moffat: found out?

Is it a painstaking approach with hours locked away in a dark and dusty room, ignoring family and friends until the ideas form and merge into a fully written script? Or is it perhaps easier for others, a more natural event where the script is written in no time at all in a garden on a hot summer’s day, as the likes of Steven Moffat and Neil Gaiman laugh to themselves when ideas and concepts that we could barely dream of develop on pages in a matter of days?

Well, it could be both of those ways, or alternatively it could be just 6 lines of JavaScript that someone’s used in order to randomly generate seemingly realistic Doctor Who episodes.

Website has used just 6 lines to create randomly generated Doctor Who plots that sound a lot like their television counterparts, it’s all just for fun but its well worth checking out.

Favourites include:

The TARDIS crash lands on the top of a Las Vegas casino, and the Sonic Screwdriver detects an anomaly. The Doctor and his friend have tough decisions to make about the reign of Fenric. Clara’s love for her mother saves the day. Michael Caine disappoints in a supporting role.

Or even:

The Doctor is summoned to Akhaten, but Clara thinks she hears a cry for help. The Doctor, Clara, and Clara’s two charges learn more about humanity in a conflict with reign of Fenric. At the end of the episode, time resets, and the events never happened. One of the League Of Gentlemen makes a surprise appearance.

Looking to create your own piece of fan fiction? This could be a great place to get some randomly generated ideas!

You can find a whole load more of these by visiting


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