Matt Smith: The Doctor an “open book”

Speaking to Kasterborous’ Phil Bates, departing Doctor Who star Matt Smith told us that he doesn’t feel that the Time Lord can be defined.


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Phil caught up with Matt at the Doctor Who Exhibition, and discovered his thoughts about how he approaches playing a 1000 year old time traveller.

“The thing to remember about him is, you can’t define him. You can’t pin him down. It’d be foolish to think you can. It’s an open book still, really.”

The Eleventh Doctor has been lucky enough to have many different companions, but only a handful of them have travelled in the TARDIS. We’ve all noticed the change in the Doctor when he appears with his latest companion Clara – but has Matt?

“You have to treat them differently and I think it changes the way [the Doctor] is, hopefully. I keep saying that and I don’t know what I’ve done! But y’know, isn’t that what’s exciting about the show? You sort of get a first episode again. And I think all the stories come together… The Ponds had a wonderful time and they’re part of a wonderful era, but now it’s time for Jenna to have her adventures.”

Matt also tells us about Steven Moffat’s rigorous standards for writing Doctor Who.

“[Steven’s] very adamant that to be a writer on Who, you’ve got to have done a lot before. You know, because you’ve got 47 minutes and you’ve got to pack in a huge amount of narrative. And it’s not an easy thing to do and get right – and to get the Doctor’s voice bang on is difficult as well!”

There’s a good chance we can all name a respected Doctor Who writer who hasn’t done a lot before, but we’ll save that for now.

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