Who Does the Valeyard Think He Is?

Our first edition of Kasterborous Magazine features a new column by the evil incarnation of the Doctor – the Valeyard! And what a right old gossip, he is too…

The Valeyard - the Kasterborous

The Valeyard – the Kasterborous

But it’s not all warm, cuddly fun building Daleks in the shed. Oh no, lurking in the depths of our first issue is the Doctor’s greatest enemy – himself. Or, to put it another way: the Valeyard!

Rather than attempting to kill the Doctor, however, the amalgamation of all that is dark in the Doctor has taken on the role of gossip columnist. Steven Moffat, BBC executives, and even some fans are the target of his poison-but-well-informed pen. He also explains how he single-handedly brought an end to Doctor Who’s first 26 years, as he tells us:

I was able to infiltrate the High Council of the BBC and leave a trail of sabotage and blackmail in my wake. You humans with your
disgusting base needs are easy pickings for the superior intellect of a Time Lord.

To find out exactly what he did, you’ll have to read Issue 1 of Kasterborous Magazine which is out now, and available to buy from the Kasterborous Store!


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