BBC Cancels Future 3D Projects

One of the most curious aspects of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary has been the decision to produce the adventure in 3D, one of the most faddish of visual trends that has been in and out of fashion since the 1950s.


In fact, the trend seems to recur every 30 years or so, and this time around has been backed up by a surprising selection of 3D TVs for the home – some of which can even be viewed without stupid special glasses!

However despite the impact of a small number of 3D movies, once again the desire to produce films and TV shows that can be viewed as if the audience was really there is flagging. Now, I’ve seen various reports about how audiences aren’t convinced by 3D, or feel nauseous after prolonged exposure. I myself have noticed that with a 3D TV there is too much that is in focus, which seems to overload things somewhat.

But what of the BBC? In an age of austerity and ex gratia payments under scrutiny, what are they doing about their 3D project, of which Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary is only a small part?

Well, dear reader, it seems that they’re cancelling it. Kim Shillinglaw, the BBC’s head of 3D, was at least realistic:

“I have never seen a very big appetite for 3D television in the UK.


“Watching 3D is quite a hassly experience in the home. You have got to find your glasses before switching on the TV. I think when people watch TV they concentrate in a different way. When people go to the cinema they go and are used to doing one thing – I think that’s one of the reasons that take up of 3D TV has been disappointing.”

The BBC’s pointless 3D experiment will conclude with the Doctor Who 50th anniversary in November.

Of course, this is hardly a surprise; do you have a 3D TV?

(Via Radio Times | thanks to Phil)


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