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Gaiman’s Going Gaming in Wayward Manor

Neil Gaiman has temporarily stepped away from writing books and penning Doctor Who scripts in order to work in a genre that he’s not had any success with previously: video games.

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Gaiman’s first title will be called Wayward Manor and in typical Gaiman style, isn’t your usual computer game.

The story revolves around a ghost who wants to live a peaceful afterlife in his beautiful New England estate but in order to do so, has to get rid of a ‘motley crew’ that are now living there. The story is quite an epic one and runs from the 1920’s all the way to the not too distant future.

Without wanting to give too much of the story away, Gaiman talked briefly about the premise behind Wayward Manor:

I was playing around with an idea essentially about a man and a house over a period of 200 years, thinking how much more fun it would be if the story of this relationship was actually something you could get involved in…In this one all you want to do is be left in peace with your lovely house and be left alone. I don’t want to give anything away but it’s safe to say you were killed in the 1880s and you were killed for a reason.

Gaiman has worked with video game companies before in the late 1990’s but the projects that he put his energy into usually fell through at the last minute due to the various companies, this time however, everything is moving forward very smoothly:

I think the biggest surprise is I did it and got involved in it. Nobody would have expected it and I didn’t have the time. It just got fun and I had to make time.

Making up part of the release is a pre-order opportunity that will offer limited edition merchandise, the chance to name a game character and a private dinner with Gaiman as well! Head to to learn more…

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