New Cover Released for The Beginning

What makes Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary so special? It’s a number of things really but it’s got to be said that one of the most exciting developments (which could be pure coincidence) is the closer merging of Big Finish’s classic Doctor Who audio range and the new era television series that we all know and love today.

The BeginningThe Destiny of the Doctor series produced by Big Finish and BBC AudioGo started the pattern off with a mix of classic Doctor stories all overarched by the Eleventh Doctor popping up like a whirlwind to bring together a far broader plot. Big Finish continued this trend of mixing old and new with the release of their cover for the 6th and final series of Gallifrey which, wonderfully, had a handful of Time War Daleks staring imposingly out for the cover flanks by Romana and Leela.

Now to continue the trend, Big Finish has updated the cover for their very exciting Companion Chronicle release, The Beginning.

Performed by Carole Ann Ford and Terry Molloy, The Beginning tells the tale of the First Doctor and his Granddaughter as they leave Gallifrey in the TARDIS for the first time and head out to the stars. But there’s someone else aboard the TARDIS; his name is Quadrigger Stoyn and he’s not very happy at all…

Gallifrey VI

As many of you will now have seen in The Name of the Doctor, Clara popped up to make sure that the First Doctor picked the right TARDIS to go travelling in. At that time, the chameleon circuit was still working and the outer shell wasn’t a police box but more of a silver cylinder with a door. Big Finish has now amended the front cover for The Beginning so that it aligns with events from that story. It may only be a little thing but its continuity details like that that make Doctor Who such a richer world.

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