Matt Smith & David Tennant at Doctor Who's 50th anniversary read through

Three Doctors – But Who Flies the TARDIS?

Matt Smith has talked about working with David Tennant on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special and surprise, surprise, the two actors got on like a collaborative pair of houses on fire!

Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary Special

In the past, actors playing different incarnations of the Doctor in the same story have had rivalries both on and off screen but Smith and Tennant, – often remarked upon as being very nice chaps – have been building this very special episode on the chemistry that they have together.

Smith discussed that even the littlest things required forward planning and essential sharing:

Our first scene was on the TARDIS! It was me, David [Tennant], and John [Hurt] actually, and we were flying the TARDIS. I remember saying to Dave, “Dave, I don’t want to hog all the flying duties.” Literally, you have those conversations. Seriously, I went, “Do you want to fly it for a bit?” We all flew it. He flies his.

The actor behind the Eleventh Doctor also spoke about his characters relationship with Rose and the Tenth Doctor:

Well first, [Billie Piper] is a great friend of mine anyway. We’ve worked together and I’m very fond of her. She’s wonderful. But yeah, bizarrely, if you look at previous Doctor Who stories, they tend to be quite grouchy with each other, but I think Ten and Eleven actually like each other.

What will be the best of the 50th anniversary we wonder? Ten and Eleven together, their relationship with John Hurt’s Doctor or seeing Rose and Clara trying to interact with three Doctors?

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