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We Breakdown Moffat’s “Five Hints”

Of all of the conversations at last week’s San Diego Comic-Con International, Digital Spy’s chat with Steven Moffat promised to be the most interesting, promoted as it was as some sort of “loose lipped confession” about the future of Doctor Who.

What absolute twaddle.

Instead, it’s the same old lies and obfuscation that you would expect, with the massive website (famously shy of attributing links to its sources in many cases) giving the impression that the words spoken by Moffat in the video below are brand new.

They’re not.

We’ve put together this breakdown of “Steven Moffat’s 5 hints about the 12th Doctor” both to let you view the video and to demonstrate how the Moff continues to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes…

1. The search has barely begun for the 12th Doctor…

Says Steven Moffat:

You don’t really want to be doing [searching for a new Doctor] while the media furore is going on. You kind of want to sit tight while that’s going on and think, ‘Alright, we’ll get to it in a bit!’

Says Kasterborous: utter tripe. Even if Moffat didn’t have a reputation as a fibber, we wouldn’t believe this. The fact is, the search started months ago…

2. Older Doctors *are* being considered…

Says Steven Moffat:

We’ve never not considered an older Doctor. It is completely on all the lists we make – there are absolutely older Doctors.

Says Kasterborous: Other than slightly contradicting himself on the previous point, this is good news. The idea that Doctor Who is physically demanding on the main actor even supports the idea of casting an older Doctor alongside a handy, young male companion (or perhaps a female duo, or even a Silurian and a woman…) who can take all of the action stuff on. But then, let’s be honest: Jon Pertwee was 50 when he started shooting his first scenes as the Doctor in 1969 – and he was the most action-oriented Doctor of them all!

3. Vastra, Jenny and Strax will be back…

Says Steven Moffat:

Vastra, Jenny and Strax are all enormously popular characters, and we’ve got Clara still continuing, [that] allows us to do [the regeneration] in a very different way from the way that we did it in ‘The Eleventh Hour’.

Says Kasterborous: perhaps this will be more along the lines of the Tenth Doctor’s “failed” regeneration from The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End?

4. The new Doctor could be very different indeed…

Says Steven Moffat:

You can push that [new] Doctor a bit further, maybe, if you’ve got a familiar world around him.

Says Kasterborous: don’t expect a woman. On the other hand, don’t overlook a Doctor-lite episode, perhaps similar to The Christmas Invasion

5. Doctor Who Series 8 is well underway…

Says Steven Moffat:

The scripts [are] coming in, we know what we’re going to do and how it’s going to end, and what it’s building to.

Says Kasterborous: this is nothing new – we’ve already heard that Chris Chibnall has been involved at some stage, and planning for the series has been going on for months.

All in all, we’ve really learned nothing beyond what Moffat has in mind for the regeneration episode…


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