3D printed TARDIS transforms into Optimus Prime!

A Transforming 3D Printed TARDIS!

Some older fans and those familiar with the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip may already know this: Doctor Who and the Transformers occupy the same fictional universe, thanks to a crossover appearance by the Seventh Doctor into the first Death’s Head series (a spinoff from Marvel UK’s run of Transformers) of comic books in the 1990s.

This exciting link (Transformers was one of the biggest selling comics in the UK in the 1980s and early 1990s) is often overlooked, but perhaps it was at the back of Andrew Lindsey’s mind when he made a 3D printed transforming TARDIS/Optimus Prime (who else?).

3D printed TARDIS transforms into Optimus Prime!

2013 is predicted to be the year in which 3D printing comes of age as printers and materials are deemed affordable (here in the UK Maplin sells a sub-£1000 DIY printer kit, for example) and creative minds set to work printing new Lego bricks, RPG figurines and USB sticks (not guns though, we hope).

But could any project be better than this? What the hell is wrong with someone who doesn’t think that building a transforming TARDIS with your 3D printer is a good idea?

A transforming 3D printed TARDIS!

All we need next is the development of the 4D printer, so that the toy can really travel in time…

(Via Technabob)


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