Alex Scarrow: Doctor Who ‘not Made in Chelsea’

Alex Scarrow, author of the imminent Eighth Doctor e-book Spore and ex-rock guitarist, is a man with sense. In an interview this week the author berated the (small but noisy) group of fans who tweeted dismay at Capaldi’s casting because they didn’t think he was enough of a hottie… Presumably, he saw something like this:

Speaking to the Guardian, Scarrow remarked:

I’ve seen some twitter traffic from (I guess) some younger viewers who were moaning about him not being young and pretty…but sheeesh, this isn’t X Factor! This isn’t Big Brother or Made in Chelsea!!

True say. Can you imagine if doctor who was like Made in Chelsea?! Since the late 80s my inner seven-year-old has grown with me in that he thinks the show should be darker, edgier and generally have less Peter-Kay-in-a-fat-suite.  Unlike me he disapproves of snogging full stop (not just in Doctor Who). Either way the thing he finds weirdest about New Who is that some viewers want to go out with the Doctor. Scarrow spells it out,

It’s not about having sexy cheekbones or floppy hair! It’s about big ideas that knock you onto your butt and stay with you long after the end credit music has played out.

Peter Capaldi 2

Perhaps I’d think differently if I had come to the show post-2005 and my first Timelord was a wee nipper like Tennant or Smith rather than McCoy and the real Oldies on VHS tapes. But the idea that anyone could be disappointed at Capaldi’s *look*, with the terrifying eyes and electric hair, makes me feel they don’t really know the character in all his glory. Hopefully number 12 will knock socks off (but leave other clothes on) and prove that the Doctor is brilliant whether he’s a shexy twenty-something or on the senior side.

Anyway, Hugh Laurie’s House has proved an older doctor can still become a sex-symbol. Maybe the nay-sayers will get a surprise! What do you think- do we want a sexy doctor? And do you need a young lead to set hearts a-flutter?


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