Big Finish Talks the 12th Doctor!

Capaldi in Torchwood 2

By now, the very exciting news should have permeated its way through your system. Peter Capaldi IS the Doctor! The reveal on Sunday was fantastic and Kasterborous can think of no better actor to play the role of the Twelfth Doctor!

Another Doctor Who team that are also extremely excited by the casting news are Big Finish productions who, it turns out, have been trying to get Capaldi to work with them for a very long time now. The company’s Executive Producer, and voice of the Daleks, Nicholas Briggs revealed that after meeting the actor during the filming of Torchwood: Children of Earth, he kept trying to source Capaldi for a Big Finish role:

Peter was always enthusiastic, but he was always so busy. He just told me to keep asking…when we met on set, he was fully aware that we’d actually already asked him to appear in a Big Finish Doctor Who audio, but it was actually the Torchwood job that had clashed with it that time.

As revealed on Sunday, Capaldi is a lifelong fan of Doctor Who – not in a ‘distant respect’ way but more of a Kasterborous way. In fact, Jason Haigh-Ellery, Big Finish’s co-Executive Producer, produced the stage version of The Ladykillers last year and worked with Capaldi on the project when he played Professor Marcus. Capaldi’s love of Doctor Who was evident then as well:

He made no secret of his love of Doctor Who, indeed his dressing room was littered with Daleks and TARDIS models, mostly opening night presents from friends and family.

Nicholas Briggs added that during filming, Capaldi knew exactly who he was:

As I went up to him to shake his hand, he said, “You’ve no need to introduce yourself to me, Nick Briggs, I know exactly who you are!” And we proceeded to gossip and giggle about Doctor Who in our shooting breaks.

Essentially, this means that we have an incredibly gifted actor, both in drama and comedy, who also knows the character and history of the Doctor straight away. We’re sure that we’re not the first to say it but Capaldi’s casting could lead to the most perfect incarnation of the Doctor to date! Nicolas Briggs summed it up in one wonderful sentence:

I know he’s going to be a truly amazing Doctor Who.


What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

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